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Welcome to Wellbeing: a podcast discussing wellbeing and providing practical advice on how to actually be well

Oct 28, 2020

This third podcast will focus on the importance of sleep for being well.

Sleep has a powerful and transformative impact on nearly every area of our life: from our mental wellbeing to our ability to perform in the workplace and on our physical fitness. However, a culture of 'being busy' has developed and sleep is often neglected. 

In this episode, we explore just how important a healthy sleeping routine is, and offer some practical tips for getting your circadian rhythm in check. 

Some of the key questions that this podcast answers include: 

  • What is the importance of sleep?

  • How do sleep cycles work and what are the benefits of slow-wave sleep?

  • How can we encourage healthier sleeping habits?

  • What are the key signs of sleep deprivation and how can this manifest in the workplace?

  • What is the importance of sleep on wellbeing?