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Welcome to Wellbeing: a podcast discussing wellbeing and providing practical advice on how to actually be well



Welcome to Wellbeing, a podcast hosted by Suzie Ruffley, Director and Head of HR at Foresight, and Dr Alex Morris a Chartered Psychologist and UKCP registered Psychotherapist and Foresight's Leadership Coach

This short series focusses on some of the theories around wellbeing and discusses practical advice on how to actually be well, in the context of the workplace and the Covid-19 pandemic.

The coronavirus outbreak has thrown many of us into new work habits and social routines, as we distance ourselves from our friends, family and colleagues whilst adapting to 'business-not-quite-as-usual', it is very easy to overlook our own mental and physical wellbeing. There are simple steps we can take to improve mental wellbeing and it should certainly be discussed openly. 


Foresight Group: Our Story

Established in 1984, we are a sustainability-led alternative assets investment manager. 

At Foresight, we are focused on investing for a smarter future. We pursue a holistic approach to sustainable business and believe an engaged and empowered workforce supports the company's purpose.